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Whatever the platform, be it television, mail or radio, Lear Media Solutions provides start-to-finish programs that generate direct, consumer-initiated responses from the most powerful media platforms found in every home.

Key features include strategic creative design, campaign analysis, reporting and call recording with our online call track system. By evaluating overall performances of each airing and assessing the results, we ensure that each campaign is effective and generating projected results. Our full production services are also offered in any language. Find out how direct response can reach your target audience—call today!


Along with print and TV, radio is one of the most popular forms of conventional “offline” advertising. It can also be one of the most effective mediums, in part because radio is oriented around specific formats with the advantage of coming with a targeted audience. Combined with optimized scheduling and strategic creative, radio gets results.


No matter how digital our lives become, direct mail gets read and delivers results. From mailbox to home, consumers continue to respond to the tactile and far-reaching media that mail is. Our design team ensures that we stand out both in form and function with mail that gets noticed, handled and opened.


From designing, scripting, casting, shooting, editing and placing, our expert team will optimize your presence through television to reach your audience and multiply your face-to-face selling power. Let us show you how direct television produces effective and profitable results.

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